Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kinda Gross - but a memory none the less

This picture was taken at the Diagnostic Center in Easton. We were waiting for a barium enema - fun fun fun! I had just started to introduce Trevor to formula mixed in with breast milk. His stomach didn't take to it very well. He went days without pooping and was quite gassy. Dr. Corden wanted the test done to rule out anything medical.

I felt so awful putting him through that test. I am not sure who cried more him or me. I was trying to be so strong and hold him down on the table as instructed but It was so hard not to sweep him up and take him in my arms. My poor baby was hungry. He had to "fast" and then they made us wait forever. People should never make infants wait any longer than they have too especially when they are hungry!

The test revealed that he was normal. After switching types of formula we finally found one that didn't cause trouble - Nestle Good Start.

God I miss my little man. I can only imagine what he would be getting into right now and what mile stones he would be passing. I would give anything to wrap him up in my arms again and hold him just like in this picture. Of course he would have to be asleep because knowing my Trevor, he wouldn't want to be held if he was awake - he would want to be running around chasing the dogs or playing with his toys.

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  1. Miss ya little fella, miss your smile, your bright blue eyes and your apple cheeks. Miss the happiness that was in your mommy's eyes and heart.