Friday, January 7, 2011

Victim's Impact Statement (part 2)

This is the second part of my statement to the judge. This part focuses on the pain and suffering that Dominic and I have had to face, it also deals with Ms. Dobson's lack of remorse and cruelty. Like the first part, this came from the heart, the words just poured out of me as I wrote them.

139 days ago, the guilty verdict echoed through this very courtroom. Since that day, Dominic and I have had to face a number of events, holidays and even another birthday without our son. The 29th of November 2008 started out being the happiest day of our lives, the day Trevor graced us with his presence. It is now a day we remember him, honor him and think about the “what should have beens”. We also had our 2nd Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all of which were with out Trevor and celebrated at a cemetery. We didn’t get to watch Trevor sing Christmas carols, open presents or stay up late awaiting Santa. Instead we donated the toys Trevor should have gotten on Christmas to the less fortunate.

Today Trevor would be 2 years old. We should be watching him grow and learn. We should be celebrating the many milestones he has hit. We should even be complaining about the “terrible twos”. However, we will never know the terrible twos or any other age. Trevor will forever be a nine-month old baby, innocent, sweet and happy.

Back in September of 2009, Ms. Dobson told police that Trevor was nobody’s prize – a very cold and heartless comment. She could not have been more wrong. Trevor was more than a “prize”, he was a baby, he was MY baby. He had personality and likes and dislikes. He was unique, perfect, special and most importantly….LOVED. Trevor was loved by Dominic and me, by our family and friends, and by EVERYONE who met him. Trevor’s story has also caused people who never met him, to love him. In his 9 short months, Trevor showed more love and received more love than most people have in a lifetime.

Ms. Dobson murdered Trevor, Ms. Dobson abused Trevor, and Ms. Dobson took my baby from me. She has lied about what happened. She has lied about Trevor’s health and his overall demeanor. She has lied about my husband and me. These lies have created doubt within her family and some of the community. We all know how she killed Trevor through all of the medical evidence and expert testimony, but Ms. Dobson continues to LIE and DENY her part in all of this. We will never have closure, because she continues to victimize us daily, by not telling us what she did to our precious son Trevor.

Everyday I find it hard to get up in the morning. It is hard for me to face each day without my son. It is a harsh reality that life just keeps on going even when I wish it to stop. Everyday I live in pain. A pain that is so deep, so piercing and raw. This isn’t a pain that can be cured or fixed with medicine. I am afraid it is a pain that will never go away. My heart aches for Trevor. My arms long to hold him again. My chest longs to feel him snuggle. My whole body stiffens and then feels excruciating and nauseating pain when I think of what he had to endure. The words “worst case of Shaken Baby Syndrome” sends chills up my spine. I have nightmares and sleepless nights thinking about Trevor and being haunted by Ms. Dobson. Everyday I wish I could have taken his place. I wish I could’ve taken his pain away.

Ms. Dobson has never explained what happened to Trevor on September 2, 2009. She never called to check up on him. She never came to hospital. She never even apologized. She called him weak. She defamed his character. She abused him and murdered him. Trevor was the ultimate victim.

When you are considering Ms. Dobson’s sentence, I ask you to consider Trevor’s innocence. He was a baby. He was defenseless and he had no way of getting away or screaming for help. I also ask you to consider his age, 9 months. The average life expectancy should be 75 years. She took 75 years from Trevor and his loved ones. Trevor was taken from his loving family, friends, this community and the world. He had the world at his fingertips and the potential to do great things. Trevor’s injuries were no accident….they were abuse which ultimately lead to his death. Ms. Dobson knew better. She had been trained on CPR, SBS and overall infant safety. She took advantage of his innocence and his inability to speak. It is my hope that she never has the opportunity to do this to another child and another family. Nobody should have to endure the malice and cruelty that Trevor had to while in Ms. Dobson’s care. And no parent should have to suffer the way that we have since September 2, 2009. Please do not let her sweet demeanor, and soft spoken voice while in your courtroom fool you. She is as cold and calculated as any murderer who used a gun or knife. She chose to use her bare hands to murder my helpless son. She sits before you and her community presenting herself as a sweet, church going woman hoping that she will not be held responsible for her malicious actions. It is for all of these reasons that I ask that she be given the maximum sentence allowable by law, which is far less than the 75 years of life that she took from my son.


  1. You did an amazing job while reading this before the judge and everyone else in the court room. I am sure Trevor was with you, he was encouraging you to go on and be strong.

    As I stifled my sniffling and sobbing there were others doing the same all around me. If they were like me, they didn't want their crying to down out what you had to say. There was one young lady behind me, that couldn't control the crying, and I wasn't the only one to notice the female bailiff was extremely fidgety.

    I think the judge was really listening to you, and I think he was sincere when he said there was nothing anyone could say, not even the best philosopher, that could be the right words that would make you feel better. I just really hope there were other people in that court room that were listening to you as well!

    I am so glad she is behind bars and hopefully no other appeal will be granted! I want this nightmare of court rooms and questionings to be over for you and Dominic.

    I'm glad you shared your impact statement!

  2. This was a truly eloquent speech. I must say, however, that any human being who could say that a child is "no prize" is a person who is devoid of a soul. I am so glad you had the strength to share your powerful story-- being the voice of Trevor-- with the world.