Saturday, April 2, 2011


It has been a while since I wrote a new blog.  First of all blogs take so much emotional energy and brings up so many thoughts and emotions that I try to keep under control.  I was so proud of my last blog "For Erin".  I stood up for a friend, a friend who I adore and who's strength I admire. 

However, my last blog kind of came back to bite me.  On Face Book I keep my profile private and try to really monitor my friends list so that I don't get one of Ms. Dobson's supporters snooping around.  My blog is completely public - open for anyone to read. 

About a month ago, I heard from the State's Attorney's office that Ms. Dobson's new lawyer filed for a reduction in sentencing.  He told the same old BS - she's a church going Sunday School teacher, she has no prior record, she's diabetic blah blah blah!  The other thing her attorney did threw me for a complete loop, He included the New York Times article that I referenced in my last blog.  He stated that some doctors question Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

I was so extremely mad and frustrated.  It made me question my blogging.  Had one of her supporters or even her lawyer read my blog which led them to the NY Times Article?  Was this "my fault"?  After crying for hours, I put on my "big girl pants" and got to work.  The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome released their official response to the article, along with 10 other professionals (numerous doctors) who discredited Ms. Bazelon's article.  I sent the links to the State's Attorney and then I began to write.  I wrote exactly what I would say to the judge if he were to allow the motion. 

I wrote about 20 years in jail vs 75 years life expectancy for Trevor. I wrote about Ms. Dobson's cold demeanor and how she has yet to shed one tear for killing my son.  I also did some numbers and came with this cold hard realization -  Trevor lived for 9 months which given the average life expectancy of 75 years, is only .01%.  Ms. Dobson is serving 20 years, which for her is about 25% of her life.  So...she is serving 25% of her life for taking 99.9% of Trevor's life.  How is that justice?  In my opinion she already has a reduced sentence....she only has to serve 20 out of a total of a possible 60. 

After what seemed like forever, I got a text on the 29th of March (what should have been Trevor's 28 month).  The text stated:  Good News - Motion for modification of sentence is DENIED.  Denied.  I didn't have to pour my heart out to the judge.  I didn't have to enter the courthouse and see her smug face.  It was taken care of, the judge denied the motion.  Denied it! And she is still in prison where she belongs for murdering my son.

So to those of you who are snooping on my blog and support Ms. Dobson, Read what I wrote again....DENIED.  I love how one of Ms. Dobson's biggest supporters was convicted of child abuse in Delaware and felony theft in Maryland.  She continues to try to "fund raise" for Ms. Dobson, she even tells people the judge didn't believe Ms. Dobson was guilty.  HMMMM funny how he DENIED her an appeal during sentencing and now he has DENIED her a reduction in sentencing. 

***And on a different note - I'm not going to stop blogging.  As I stated before, I blog to tell Trevor's story and to educate other on SBS and Abusive Head Trauma. My blog has also opened the eyes of some people.  Two people have since told me how they have changed their opinions.  I can't tell you how much that means to me!  My blog is not the local rumor mill, it is the truth. 


  1. Changing 2 peoples opinions is a victory - keep speaking the truth, continue to be Trevor's voice - love you

  2. You are amazing and so strong! Trevor is part of who we are and he has changed so many lives for good. I only wish we could watch him grow up and love on him. We miss Trevor everyday! All my love to you!

  3. I hate that you have to continue to keep fighting for the truth. I am one of the ones that have changed my view. You absolutely cannot deny what the Dr's have found. You'd have to be blind and ignorant. I commend you Kelly, in a way, your blog has saved me and come to grips with what has happened. Trevor will forever me my Angel as well.