Friday, February 26, 2010

Back to work

This picture was taken about a year ago. I had just started going back to work. I remember how hard mornings were for me. I had to usually let the dogs out and feed them, feed Trevor and get him ready, pump and get myself ready. Dominic of course gets up in enough time to get ready and leave for work. I love him dearly but he is not a morning person.

So because "she who must not be named" didn't have spot for Trevor until September of 2009, My parents friends, Bobby and Peggy, took care of him. They also cared for their 4 year old granddaughter. They adored Trevor. As hard as it was for me to go back to work and leave him, knowing he was in such a loving environment made it much easier.

Everyday Mr. Bob would help me get Trevor and his stuff out of my car. If it was raining, he would bring an umbrella. Once we got in he would say "Hey there boy, it Mr. Bob talking to you". Trevor would usually smile at him. I would then take him out of his car seat and hand him to Ms. Peggy, she called him her "precious boy". Trevor adored his Ms. Peggy.

I am so blessed that they watched him for me. They loved Trevor and took care of him as if he was their own grandchild. Trevor thrived on their love and care. It showed in his bright eyes big smile and chubby cheeks!

This picture was taken after I had gotten home one night. I hated being away from Trevor and I would rush home to get to him. I would spend the rest of my evening holding, feeding, playing and taking care of him until he went to bed. I cherished every minute I had with him. Being away from him all day was so hard so I made sure I "made up" for it when I got home.

Of course things would be crazy at nights, getting Trevor settled and cooking dinner but it was so worth it. Since Trevor has been gone - my routines have completely changed. I am no longer running around the house like a mad woman complaining about doing it all. My morning and evening routines don't take as long and I have less to do - but they are empty and sad. I pass by Trevor's room and cry. I would give anything to have my "crazy" days back.

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  1. Words escape me and those that come to mind have been uttered many times before....

    My perspective on life has changed yet again. Trevor's death has impacted every aspect of who I am and how I relate to the world around me. I have always appreciated the blessings in my life-especially my children but now I am thankful for even the most hectic of times with them. (There are many- particularly in the mornings!) I realize how quickly things can change and how by no fault of your own your world can shatter down around you. The unthinkable is now a reality and that is terrifying!!!!!

    Trevor, Peggy, and Bobby were All very lucky to spend time together. I'm sure they shared many giggles and loads of fun. It was another wonderful experience you provided for your precious child!

    My heart aches for you and your family! I am here. ALL MY LOVE