Friday, March 12, 2010


Today was just another normal day in the Ulrich house. It started at 5:30 – Trevor has now learned to climb out of his crib, and he came in our room to wake us up. Scared me to death. I guess it is time to get one of those “net” things for the top of the crib.

Typical morning – Feed the dogs, pack lunches, get myself ready and try to tackle little man to get him dressed. It is hard to believe how fast he can get away from me (and how much he enjoys being without clothes). By the time we get out the door its 7:30. I dropped Trevor off at Mr. Bobby and Ms. Peggy’s house. Mr. Bob said he had some work for Trevor to do today. They just love him so much. I am so thankful they take care of him for me.

After work, I picked Trevor up and we went to Easton to meet his Ms. Sharen for dinner – I know, my mom still hasn’t picked a name so Ms. Sharen has just stuck. Dinner was wonderful, we laughed at how many new words Trevor has picked up, including his new favorite, “bingo”.

Once I got home, I gave Trevor his bath and read him his favorite books “again and again”. He just loves Elmo. Then after his “good night” hugs and kisses he went to sleep.

What a day, a normal yet wonderful day. I went and lay on my bed, so thankful for everything I had – Loving husband, a wonderful beautiful son and then it happened…..the beep beep beep beep of my alarm clock. I wake up and start my “real day”. Another day without Trevor, another day, normal but certainly not wonderful. A new normal that still makes me hurt and long for my precious baby.

I would love to have a day like the ones I dream about. It should be my everyday normal. It shouldn’t have to be this way, it shouldn’t have to hurt this much.

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  1. Kelly, I feel so sad for you. I know nothing we say will make the pain go away but know people do care about you and are so sorry for what you're going though.