Friday, March 19, 2010

Forever Friends

Jennifer and I grew up together. My mom used to babysit Jen and her sister Megan. Our families would take vacations together every summer. Jen and I looked so much alike, people would often ask if we were twins. We of course loved the attention and would often dress alike and see how many people would ask us. Growing up I always assumed we would stay close and our children would grow up being "best friends".

Of course as we grew older, we grew apart, literally since she moved to Delaware when we were teenagers. However, whenever we would get together, it was like no time had passed. I remember going to Jen's baby shower when she was pregnant with Cole. We were both wearing black capris and pink shirts, from the back you couldn't tell who was who.

After Jennifer had Cole and Chase, I became pregnant. I was thrilled to know I too was having a boy. Those childhood wishes came rushing back, maybe our boys would become best friends or look alike. Maybe our families would take vacations together like we used to and our boys would play on the beach like we did when we were young.

On August 1, I took Trevor to Jennifer's house for her sister Megan's bridal shower. My dreams were becoming a reality. Trevor, Cole and Chase were instant friends, playing, laughing and smiling. It warmed my heart to see these three boys playing together. I took this picture of the three boys. Trevor seemed more grown up that day!

When I posted this picture on Face Book, people kept commenting on how much all three boys looked alike. People asked if they were related. It was like dejavu. Jen's boys look so much like her and Trevor looked so much like me, so yes, they all looked very similar.

It saddens me that Trevor will not get to grow up with his buddies. My dreams of our "children growing up together" have vanished. I will always remember the boys that day and how for that one day, life was perfect.

Jennifer and Trevor

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  1. As a mother you can't wait to teach your children everything. The one thing I dreaded teaching them was where Trevor was, why they can not play with him, why we have to look at his pictures on the computer as memories. They know that Trevor is an angel in heaven and they will get to see him someday. It brings tears to my eyes that they will not get the chance to sit on the beach in Cancun with him on a family vacation like they had wished. We are so lucky that all three boys had beautiful simles in that picture that day!