Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am sitting here tonight, full of sadness and hurt and anger. I should have been preparing for the trial tomorrow. Instead we have to wait. I hate waiting for a doctor's appointment, let alone for justice for my precious Trevor. SO much that should have been and could have been. I wish everyday that I never ever took him to Ms. Dobson's daycare. I know it is not my fault and I did nothing wrong, I just feel so helpless, it was my job to protect him.

Earlier tonight I was catching up on my Oprah episodes. I came across an episode about sexual predators. I was moved to tears when one man said - what I did killed who she could have been...basically I murdered a person.

Through FB I have met many SBS families. Many of the children "survived". In a way I found myself being slightly jealous that these families still had their children to hold on to. However after hearing that on Oprah - I had a light bulb moment. These abusers, although not sexual, have murdered who these children could have been. I think of how many are blind, can't walk or have seizures. Is this the life they were meant to have? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Whether a baby survived or died from SBS, a murder still occurred. A murder of their precious, innocent lives. These were BABIES, trusting and defenseless. To me it is one of the worst kinds of abuse and yet many SBS abusers are simply given a slap on the wrist.

This is America. These are our children. Things really need to change, laws and sentence terms. Justice for so many children and their families!

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