Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am working on a new blog. So many emotions and it hard to write.

I will say....On Friday, August 20, 2010 Justice was served. Ms. Dobson was found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder, 1st degree child abuse resulting in death and 2nd degree child abuse.


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  2. Dear ron_cathy1:

    I have ONE and only ONE question for you - DID YOU ATTEND THE TRIAL EVERY SINGLE DAY LAST WEEK??? I am unclear about your words "following your story". When I hear your answer, I will be able to comment further on your comments about whether justice was indeed served.

    Kelly started this blog as a tribute to her precious baby boy, Trevor, and as a way to grieve her tremendous and horrific loss.

    I would say to you that most grief counselors suggest writing one's thoughts as a way to process grief, is positive therapy.

    Your above comments about her "looking back....being rash and in a hurry to return to work....and hope that you aren't excited about the outcome"......ARE HURTFUL and INCONSIDERATE to every mother who has lost a child, and especially to Kelly. This is a tribute to TREVOR ULRICH and his mother's thoughts while trying to GRIEVE the loss of her baby. Your disrespectful comments have no business whatsoever being on here. If you disagree with the sentence Ms. Dobson received, there are other avenues, other than a GRIEF STRICKEN MOTHER'S BLOG to do so.

    I patiently await your answer to my first question.

  3. Kelly, I know that you don't know me, but your mom and Aunt Diane used to babysit me (and my siblings) when they lived in Delaware. I have been following your blog, getting updates from your Aunt Diane and praying for you. I know that having her in jail doesn't bring back Trevor. However, I cannot imagine the tremendous relief you must feel in having the woman who took your child away from you finally in jail where she belongs. I am glad that the jury was able to come to the right decision.

    You and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    To ron_cathy1, the respectful thing to do would be to remove your comments from this blog.

  4. Amen my3angels. As for Ron_cathy1. Stay the hell off this blog. The truth has been told. The jury convicted because of hard overwhelming evidence. If you feel so sorry for Gail then send your kids or grandkids and let her babysit them. This blog is in memory of Trevor. And is for Trevor. Take your nasty comments ti another blog.

  5. To ron_cathy1
    Are you really serious right now, leaving a comment like that on this blog!! Don't you think that this family has gone thru enough already. I work with Trevor's grandmother & I have felt their pain and grief for the last year! When Gail Dodson was taking the life of this beautiful baby boy, she was not thinking about her own family and she is right where she belongs!!!!

  6. It truly amazes me that people still don't get it...There will always be supporters and followers who just don't get it and can't help but to express their opinions. One thing that life should have taught us - evidence is pretty straight forward and right on. A mother lost her son, a family is grieving and in need of an outlet and this is her method...realize that your need to support the person CONVICTED of this horrible crime has no place here.

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  8. ron_cathy1

    Her kids losing is no one's fault but hers. She committed murder. She doesn't need a new trial. She needs to be in jail where she can never hurt anyone again. I can't believe that you are so ignorant to comment something so stupid to a grieving mother's blog.

    You are a terrible person. I hope you never feel the hurt she inflicted on Kelly and her family let alone the cruelness of someone like yourself. It's disgusting.

  9. Cathy,
    If your current post is indeed the truth, then use this "horrible mistake" as a teachable moment for your daughter. She is 19, and by law that makes her an adult. Make her own up to her mistake and apologize to Kelly in person, on the phone, whatever means possible.Instead of you apologizing for her. And delete the post.