Monday, August 23, 2010


Oh what a week it has been. It has been a whirlwind of emotions and memories. The week that seemed like would never come, finally did. Dominic and I were both sequestered so we were not allowed in the courtroom - A blessing in disguise. Thank God for Kelly and Kerry who represented Trevor and took detailed notes about the various testimonies and questions asked.

We were allowed in for closing arguments on Friday morning. I sat there and listened as Mr. Nelson summarized the important details from the week.

• Trevor was a HEALTHY baby. Not a weak preemie Ms. Dobson lead others to believe.
• Trevor was a “neurological disaster”. His injuries were so severe and so horrific.
• Trevor died within an hour of 911 being called.
• How poorly Ms. Dobson acted – calling me before 911, acting “dumb” on the 911 tape, only being on 3 reps of CPR when she should have been on 6.
• How Ms. Dobson’s story has changed time and time again.

It was then that Maurice described Trevor as “spoiled” and “willful”. Spoiled with love. He had so many people who loved him. Dominic and I spoiled him at nighttime, never letting him cry it out.

And willful…was he ever! It all started in the womb – too comfy being transverse instead of head down. How he loved to stick his butt right in my rib cage. Then he showed his willful side when he was born and fighting to use his underdeveloped lungs. The nurses kept saying what a feisty baby I had. I remember they had to “strap” him down because he kept pulling and tugging on the cords. He then fought to grow and thrive. He still came home 4 weeks before his due date! What a trooper.

His willfulness continued throughout his 9 months, gaining weight, hitting milestones and learning to do new things. His will was unstoppable. His love of life was contagious. His easygoing nature and big smile made it so easy to love. He knew what he wanted and went after it. Nothing in this world was going to stop Trevor James Ulrich from doing what he wanted.

Until he met his “monster”, someone who was not willing to deal with his willfulness. Someone who took advantage of a little baby. Despite what some people in this area believe, she murdered my son. She has been convicted in what the judge described as a FAIR TRIAL. Convicted by 12 jurors who saw her for what she is, a baby murderer. A woman who lost her cool and shook my precious baby to death. Dr. Hinds at Children’s Hospital in DC stated that Trevor’s injuries were the worst she had ever seen.

Well, the people who continue to support Ms. Dobson and refuse to hear the medical evidence and continue to bash my husband and I need to realized ONE very important thing….Trevor got his willfulness from Dominic and I. We are very strong willed too. We will not stand by and let people to continue to bash Trevor or us. We will continue to speak out about child abuse, SBS and Gail Dobson the murderer…I dare them to try to shut us up!


  1. Kelly, you are strong an amazing. Those of us who were there, who know the truth, and who know how evil this woman is, will be here to support you and help you find your voice - so that everyone knows the truth!

  2. Your an amazing woman Kelly! That little angel was so lucky to have you as his momma. Keep staying strong and keep his little voice alive!