Saturday, September 4, 2010


So let me just start off by saying last night was the one year anniversary for Trevor's death. We held a balloon release and candle light vigil for my angel. We did not hold a fundraiser. It is rumored that some people were going to "crash" the vigil. I am glad that they didn't. This vigil had nothing to do with the court case or the guilty verdict, it was about Trevor. My sweet baby that died.

Now on to the next has come to my attention that some people need clarification.....On my blog I posted that Trevor had been injured on Monday...that is true....I didn't know it at the time. He was taken to the hospital for vomiting and misdiagnosed with a stomach bug. My mom watched him on Tuesday and he was getting better.

I took him back to Ms. Dobson on Wednesday. He was fine...back to normal. I dropped him off at 7:45, called twice to check on him. At 3:00 I got a call from her saying she was going to call 911.

It wasn't until we were at Children's that we learned that he had been injured. It wasn't until the Autopsy that we learned that he had been injured on Monday. You see...medical examiners have a way to test bruises and see when injuries occurred.

Now onto the next misconception....NO SBS doesn't take days for symptoms to appear. NOT only did Trevor die from SBS, he died from blunt force trauma meaning he was hit against something or with something repeatedly. So his injuries were immediate! The specialist from Johns Hopkins, Children's and the specialist the defense hired from AI Dupont also stated that Trevor's injuries occurred while in the care of Gail Dobson.

And....did my husband watch Trevor Sunday? YES. Did he hurt him? NO. You see the Justice for Trevor pictures on the back of cars? That picture was taken by me that night!

Also....My husband and I took polygraph tests and passed....Ms. Dobson was offered one and refused.

So to the people that continue to support Ms. Dobson, go ahead and have your stupid fundraiser. A million dollar attorney can't disprove the medical evidence in this case.

Now stop spreading rumors about my husband and I and let us grieve the loss of our son!

Also it's important to note that when googleing for info on SBS, many defense attorneys websites pop up with untrue information. For the real facts about SBS, consult ANY neurologist, general doctor, neurosurgeon, etc in your area. Millions of doctors agree on the proven scientific facts about SBS.


  1. Kelly, I hear your "voice" loud and clear Trevor's voice - raising awareness on SBS. It is amazing that you are able to focus and advocate in the midst of a horrific tragedy.
    Someday, it is my hope that these supporters of Gail's will realize that they have been LIED to by her, as you had been, and continue to be. I was hearing that she was telling her supporters that the trial was closed, when it was indeed open for any and all to attend. Maybe she was afraid that her supporters would hear the truth from sworn testimony, by medical experts, as to what she had done to Trevor. They would have also heard the absurd notion made by her attorney - with her knowledge - and he was grasping for straws - poor man, he had nothing -- by implying that her husband, Charlie, may have killed Trevor. It amazes me to what lengths people will sink to when their own hide is on the line - and her husband and family were there supporting her

    And to ron_cathy, I am happy that you apologized and deleted your post. But, you never did answer my question - its ok, I already knew the answer :)
    Stay strong, Kelly - we love you!

  2. You are AMAZING! I just had to say that. What a strong momma you have been for Trevor. I am so sorry that you feel you have to prove yourself to these crazy blind people... your son was murdered.. maybe one day they will see the light. If you ever need anything my email is