Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One year ago - 8/31/09

One year ago was Trevor's FIRST day at Ms. Dobson's daycare.

I have started to write this blog 5 different times. Recalling the events from August 31, 2009 are just too painful.

This is all I have to say: One year ago, Trevor was misdiagnosed with a stomach bug. We had gone to the ER because he was lethargic and vomiting after being in Ms. Dobson's care.

Trevor had vomiting, lethargic actions, no fever and no diarrhea. We NOW know these symptoms together are a sign of HEAD TRAUMA.

Trevor had been shaken on Monday. If I had known that then, I would have NEVER EVER EVER taken him back on Wednesday.

I hope this information helps to educate others on SBS. I hope it can save another baby.

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  1. it is so horrible that this happened to your son. we as working mothers try to find someone we trust with our children to watchover them while we work. parents know how hard that is. the lady who murdered your son should know how hard it was for you to leave him with her that day and how you trusted her to keep him safe. and she did the opposite. she should not have a second chance to do this to another kid. she should not have a chance to be out in the world free to live her life after she took a life and altered so many other lives. she should get the death penalty or should she should get life in prison without parole. there should be 0 chance of parole for people who do this to babies. she is worthless. how can you harm a baby that cannot defend itself? that shows what a worthless person she is!!!!