Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevor

Happy Birthday my love! Two years ago, you made us parents. You came into this world and made your presence known. We were filled with joy and happiness and most importantly love.

Today we will not be watching you open presents, or blow out candles on your birthday cake. You won’t be singing and dancing and saying, “I’m two”. Instead we will gather at your grave and sing “Happy Birthday”. We will remember how happy you made us, and how we loved being your parents. We will laugh and smile, remembering your sweet angelic face and ornery grin. We will cry because we miss you, cry because we can’t be with you and cry because we didn’t have enough time with you.

We will light 2 candles and make a wish, and send you lots of love. We will see you in our dreams and hold you close in our hearts. We will be together again one day, and I will hold you in my arms. I will smother you in kisses and never let you go.

My sweet baby boy, I can feel you with me. I feel your love and it gives me the strength to face each day and the hope that your memory will stay alive. Daddy and I miss you and love you so very much!

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Trevor, Happy birthday to you”

Happy Birthday little man!

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  1. Happy birthday, little Trevor! You are such a beautiful person . . .I hope you are having a lot of fun playing with all the other little kids, and getting many hugs and kisses while waiting for your family!