Monday, November 8, 2010

What about the Victim?

On August 21, 2010, Gail Dobson was found guilty of 2nd degree murder, 1st degree child abuse resulting in death, and 2nd degree assault. For eleven agonizing months prior to the trial, my husband and I had to have faith that our justice system would not fail Trevor. A jury of 12 agreed that State of Maryland proved beyond reasonable doubt that Ms. Dobson murdered my son. We felt the road to justice was coming to a close.

I was appalled and profoundly disappointed by Judge Earnest's last minute decision to postpone sentencing until January. While my husband and I will never have "closure", we had hoped that the sentencing of Ms. Dobson would have given us a moment of peace. We’re fully aware that Ms. Dobson has certain rights under our Constitution. What about the victim's rights? What about the malice and cruelty that Trevor had to endure while in Ms. Dobson’s care? Trevor deserves justice.

At 9 months old, Trevor was the most innocent of murder victims. He was unable to defend himself against Ms. Dobson as she ended his life.
My faith in the justice system is wavering with this recent postponement. I am left wondering why the guilty have all the rights and the victim has none. While Ms. Dobson's family is out fundraising and hiring new attorneys, we continue to sit in limbo until January. We again have to face Trevor's birthday and Christmas without Trevor, and without justice being complete.

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  1. oh, Kelly, my heart breaks for you and your family....justice must surely be served for such a tiny beautiful victim... prayers for you and Dominic as well as your whole family. <3 you.