Friday, December 17, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I have been an elementary teacher for the past 9 years. Kids have a way of saying things. Many times what they think just comes out. Over the years I have learned that the old saying "out of the mouths of babes" is very true - you never know what they are going to say.

Since Trevor died, I have always struggled with what to say to my students if they happen to ask. I don't believe in lying to children, but I also think there is a fine line between telling them way more then they need to hear and telling them the truth. If a child asks me about the baby in my picture I simply say my baby. If they ask any other questions, I tell them. If they ask where he is I usually say he's in heaven. For most kids that is where the conversation stops. They usually don't ask much more after that. Until today.....

Today I was working with a child who noticed my pendant:
Child: "Who is that in your necklace?"
Me: My son
Child: What's his name?
Me: His name was Trevor.
Child: Trevor? Was? Is he grown up?
Me: No
Child: Is he still a baby?
Me: No
Child: Well where is he?
Me: He's in heaven
Child: He's dead?
Me: Yes
Child: No Mrs. Ulrich. No.. babies just don't die.

What do you say to that? What could I say? She's absolutely right. Trevor was healthy. He was a "normal" innocent 9 month old baby boy. He shouldn't have died. Sadly he didn't "just die", he was killed...murdered.

What's sad is this child, 7 years old gets it and people in their 20s, 30s and even older, don't. The people who think Ms. Dobson is innocent, they deny what medical EXPERTS say, they deny medical evidence, and speak about "the truth being told". WAKE UP people...the truth was court back in August.

Healthy, happy babies just don't die. Trevor wasn't sick, he was killed by his daycare provider Gail Dobson. End of story!


  1. How very true! Sending you love and comfort! (I can only imagine how much that child would love on Trevor if he were with us.) Missing him with you.


  2. A friend of mine posted a link to your blog. I read the entire thing this evening. My heart is breaking for you, your husband, your family and friends. This tragedy should never have happened.

    I pray this horrible person gets the sentence she deserves. She hurt him on two separate occasions, this was murder not manslaughter.

    I am glad people have finally seen the evidence and see that she did this not anyone in your family.

    You, your husband, and especially Trevor will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for wanting another child to love, there is nothing wrong with that. You were and are a wonderful Mother to Trevor and it would be wonderful to give a baby that kind of love and devotion.

    I hope you can talk to a grief counselor to help you move forward in your life. You will do things when the time is right for your family.