Friday, February 5, 2010

First Photo

A friend of mine suggested that I could capture my memories of Trevor in a blog. She told me to take one of his many pictures and write about it. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

November 29, 2008 was the happiest day of my life. It was a day that I became a mom and I saw a side of my husband that I had never seen before. In one day he went from being a 20 something guy to a man. The morning of the 29th, Dominic was supposed to go hunting with his dad near Ocean City. He had returned to the house twice, once to get his gloves and the other to get his cell phone.
I believe some things happen for a reason. This was a day that proved it. Shortly after Dominic left, I was trying to go back to sleep. Trevor wasn’t due for another 7 weeks, I had placenta previa and he was sideways. Needless to say I was not very comfortable. He started moving all around that morning. I was hopeful he was turning. Then it happened, I started bleeding and I do mean bleeding. I found my phone and called Dominic. He was about 30 minutes away and he rushed home. If he hadn’t of left those items he would have been further away.
When Dominic got home, I had the bathroom cleaned up and was ready to go. Dominic being Dominic grabbed a towel to place in his car so I didn’t get it “all gross and stuff”. I even remembered to “tap my feet” before getting into his precious car. I don’t think he realized how serious my condition was. We had been to the hospital twice before with bleeding. I am sure he thought it was similar to that.
Soon after we got to the hospital, Dr. Mullen arrived and told me that we would have to deliver Trevor NOW. I remember feeling scared and worried. I tried to remain calm. I knew me freaking out wouldn’t be good for Trevor. The nurses at the Birthing Center at Memorial Hospital are simply amazing. They took care of us and functioned like a well-oiled machine. I arrived at the hospital at 6:50 am and at 7:20 I was being taken to surgery.
Because Trevor was so early, they had Dr. Corden (Trevor’s pediatrician) and a team of repertory doctors and nurses ready to take care of my newborn. Trevor was born at 7:32. From that time on Dominic was with him.
Because of my surgery, I couldn’t go see him. Trevor had gone into repertory distress and had to be intubated. They also arranged for him to go to the NICU at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. Again Dominic was right there by his side, holding his hand and talking to him. The only times he left Trevor’s side was to come and give me updates.
Later that day the transport team came and prepared Trevor to be transported to Mercy. Once they got him situated the wheeled him into my room in his isolette so that I could see him for the first time. I opened the little armhole and touched his little hand, so small yet so perfect. I told him how much I loved him and he began to move about. He could recognize my voice!
Once Trevor was taken to Mercy, Dominic went home to take care of our dogs and get ready to head up to Baltimore. Dominic was torn as to what to do. He wanted to stay and take care of me but he also wanted to be with Trevor. I assured him I was ok and that I needed him to go be with Trevor. I made him take the camera so that I could have pictures of him while he was away from me.
The picture above is of my mom and Dominic and Trevor at Mercy Hospital. You can see the look on Dominic’s face. He was so worried about our precious baby. When he left that night he cried. My mom said that it was a side of Dominic she had never seen before. He was now a dad.


  1. I am so glad you're doing this! I am sitting at work holding back the tears, I never really knew your complete birth story, just the gist of what happened. Trevor was.. no is... such a blessing!

  2. Kelly this snow has had me thinking of you even more. I was wondering how you were doing with all this extra time to think. For I have been to about all of this. I cant say time will heal. As a mother I know it never really will. For some strange reason I feel silly for admitting this to you (and everyone reading this) I cry for you just about every day. The only thing that makes me feel a little better about all this, is that you may have had only what seems to be a blink of an eye with Trevor, but when all is said and done with us here on Earth, you will be granted an eternity with him. My heart is with you and my love with Trevor always.