Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today was a rough day for Dominic and me. I got a text message from Taxact.com saying that the IRS rejected our tax return. I quickly logged on to see why. Come to find out Trevor's Social Security Number had been "claimed" by someone else. So I called the IRS...to make a long story short, we have to submit our tax returns the "old fashion way", wait longer, and PROVE Trevor's SSN and that we have the right to claim him.

Everyday we face another day without Trevor, but it is these little mishaps and moments that bring it back and smack you in the face. I shouldn't have to prove to anyone that Trevor was my son. I swear if we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any at all.

The worst part about our "luck" and everything Dominic and I have faced the last 7 months? It was completely preventable and only ONE person is to blame. PREVENTABLE! A simple phone call is all it would've taken.

I miss Trevor every minute of every day. He was so loved and he loved us too! A pure and innocent natural love between parent and child. A love that when gone leaves a gigantic hole in your heart. A hole that can never be filled.

I linked the video below because I believe it shows our love. Trevor's little wave and smile and bright eyes say I love you. This video makes me cry and smile at the same time. I love my little man and miss him more than words can say.

VIDEO <------Click to watch the video

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