Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every Night - memories

Tonight's blog is a memory blog. Not much new to report about me - still depressed, still miss my son, still angry at the woman that killed him, still in a fog. So tonight I have decided to write about my memories of Trevor.

One of my favorite times of the day with him was night time. Trevor and I had a routine, it was our special time together. Around 6:00 I would give him his bath. Trevor loved the bath, He loved to splash and pull on things (he was all boy LOL). He loved to have his hair washed but I was so scared hurt his soft spot.

After his bath, I would get him in his pjs. I would usually mess around with his hair, parting it, slicking it back, and my favorite...the mo hawk. His hair went into a natural mo hawk so well and looked so cute. It drove my mom crazy, but it made Dominic and I laugh. In fact we have a picture of him in the NICU with a mo hawk.

After playing with his hair, I would read to him. He loved to sit in my lap and look at the books. His favorite books were ones that my Aunt Jan gave us by Gund. His favorite was an animal one. I would make animal sounds and he would look up at me and smile. I love his smile....when Trevor smiled at you, you knew you were loved! The other book he loved so much was an Elmo book. At the end of the book, Elmo pops out, he loved that part.

After his books, I would sing to him (usually you are my sunshine), give him his last bottle and put him to bed. He was a good sleeper (once he went to sleep). At 4 months he was sleeping through the night. I was so blessed. I had such an easy going, happy go lucky baby. The only times he would cry is if he was hungry or fighting sleep.

Trevor James Ulrich - my little man, my sunshine, my world. I miss everything about him.

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  1. I think memories are invaluable...that's why I'll spend money on experiences rather than objects. I have wonderful memories of TJU at our house last summer. He absolutely loved those Baby Einstein videos. I had never seen them, altho I've sold many at B&N. He introduced me to the world of sound and color. I could tell he love d them, 'cause he kept bouncing up and down in this baby chair. And you are right about those baths, Kelly...he liked our big kitchen sink bath tub! and I chose to think he found his manhood there!