Thursday, May 27, 2010


One of my favorite NICU pictures.

Tonight I was inspired to write thank you letters to Trevor's NICU doctors. I was trying to locate names/emails/addresses when I got to thinking about other medical people in Trevor's life I wanted to thank. Here is my best, I tried to remember everyone. If I left anyone out I apologize.

I shall start from the beginning:

Dr. Liu, Dr. Mullen, Mary Adams - These three wonderful people work at Midshore Women's Health. They helped me to have the most "normal" pregnancy I could. When I had a few scares with Placenta Previa, they were always there to answer my questions and guide me through. Dr. Mullen kept me at ease when my placenta gave out and I delivered Trevor at 32 weeks 6 days. I can't say enough about these three and the rest of the staff. If/when we have anymore children, I will be returning to them.

Dr. Corden - I could write a book at how much I love Dr. Corden! First of all, he met with me before I delivered to answer any questions. Let's just say another Doctors' office in Easton didn't want to set up a new mom meeting. They told me I would just get whatever doctor was on call. Dr. Corden is the complete opposite of that. He was at the hospital in no time when Trevor was born. He updated me as he continued to work on him. When Trevor was in the NICU, he called there almost everyday to get updates. When we brought Trevor home, he was always there for us. Trevor grew and thrived under his care! There aren't many doctors like Dr. Corden. He is an amazing doctor, very humble, but amazing!

Keri Windsor - I hope I spelled her name right :) She is the nurse at Dr. Corden's office. She gave me her home and cell numbers. Anytime I had a question or concern, she was always there! Love her!

Pam Callahan and the other Maternity Floor Nurses - They know how to take care of you on the 5th floor at Memorial Hospital! That staff is TOP NOTCH! Pam came in for her 7:00 shift to a scared mom getting ready to deliver. She helped keep me calm and talked me through the procedure. She came to check on me several times during my stay. She is a wonderful nurse!

Dr. Kapor, Dr. Falk and the MANY NICU Nurses at Mercy Hospital - I will be honest, I wanted Trevor to go to Hopkins, I didn't know anything about Mercy Hospital. I was pleasantly surprised. It is my belief that Trevor did so well and came home so early because of them. The nurses all loved Trevor's spikey hair and cowlick. At 5 pounds, he was the biggest baby there! The nurses guided us through everything from diapers, to pumping, to bathing. They knew how emotional Dominic and I were and they helped us through the "NICU" life.

Talbot County EMT, TVFD First Responders, Easton Memorial ER Staff (9/2/10) - The efforts of these fine people got Trevor's heart beating again. They got him "stable" enough to be transported to Children's Hospital. They did the best they could for our precious baby. Their efforts gave us extra time to process the situation and extra time to spend loving and holding on to our baby.

The PICU staff at Children's Hospital in DC - To be honest I don't remember a single doctor's name (except who I have been told about). They did the best they could in a horrific situation. At first, we were a little put off by the staff, we were in a state of shock and we felt as though they were blaming us. I guess everyone assumes the parents in a head trauma case like Trevor's. I have since found out that this staff was very saddened by the "news" of Trevor's death. I can't imagine being a doctor in a PICU, especially when a baby/child dies.

The DC medical examiner - Although she took FOREVER to do the autopsy, I know she took her time and wanted to make sure her findings were 100% accurate. I really appreciate the time she took to make sure everything was in place.

Dr. Walker - I have never met this man, but I read his report. I can't comment on it because it is evidence. But I am impressed. I can't wait to meet him and hear what he has to say in court.

I hope I didn't leave any medical person off of this list. Trevor's little life was positively influenced by so many people. Dominic and I were blessed to have such a healthy baby. Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible!

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