Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impact Statement Part 1

Over the summer I plan to start writing my victim's impact statement. This is basically a letter I will read to judge on how Trevor's murder has impacted my life. I want it to be perfect, I want it to reflect everything we have been through since September. I want the judge to hear how Trevor's death has turned my world upside down and how not having him alive has affected so many people. I want him to remember that this was a life, an innocent life, that was taken too soon. I hope this statement will encourage the judge to sentence with a firm hand. I don't care that she is a white woman in her 50's with diabetes. I want her to serve time in PRISON...not Talbot County Detention center, prison.

So I sat down to research impact statements and how to write them and what to include. One website suggested not to paint a picture of the victim being perfect or as a saint. I can understand that for an adult, as no one is perfect. But, How can I not paint him as being perfect? He was perfect. At 9 months old he knew nothing but love. He had never hurt any one's feelings, or called someone names. He never stole anything or sped down the highway causing an accident. All he did was be a baby. As a baby, he trusted everyone he met. An innocent baby who didn't have the ability to defend himself or to speak.

I am not sure what I will say about Trevor or about our pain. I do know how I plan to start it:

The average life expectancy for a male born between 2005-2010 is 75 years. Trevor James Ulrich was born in 2008. His average life expectancy should have been 75 years. He only got to live 9 months before his life was so needlessly taken. Trevor should have had 75 birthdays, 75 Christmases, 75 family reunions. He will never have a first day of school, 12 years of learning, graduation or college. He will never get married, have a career or have children of his own. On September 3, 2009, an innocent baby was taken from this world. A generation that was supposed to be, will never be.

So that is as far as I have gotten. I will post more as I get the courage and find the words to continue.

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